Our project will need 100’s of prototypes, how do I make them economically?

Prototypes allow developers and engineers to test the functions of the new design before starting the production process.
-Produced in variable quantity from one piece to thousands
Design can be easily changed
-Costs savings in long run brought by elimination of all technical glitches (non-conformities) before
production Continue reading

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CNC machining Plastic Prototypes for Rapid Prototyping Solution

Machined Plastic Prototyping is a remove rapid prototyping fabrication process for processing plastic prototypes.
keko prototyping offers a more functional prototype part than any of the rapid prototyping processes available. This is due to the process of removing material from a solid block by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment that cuts away the unwanted material.The production grade plastic rather than creating the part through an additive manufacturing process. Continue reading

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What are the benefits of Rapid Prototyping?

Because we could quickly “invent then try”, functional and design aspects of the models could be evaluated from early on in the project by users with various preferences, RP generates 3D models quickly and accurately, greatly save the amount of time, money and redesign delays of product development. Perfect working models can be produced directly from your digital data in hours instead of days.
Some innovations contained deep analysis before prototyping, and other innovations required complex geometry to be prototyped before they could be evaluated
If you are interested in learning more, pls send me email: kekoprototyping@gmail.com
or check out our website at http://www.china-rapid-prototyping.com

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